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Top 10 Restaurants in Delhi-NCR

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So over the past few years, I have been to more than 100 restaurants over Delhi NCR as part of blogger meets, family dinners, Friends hangouts and sometimes even solo to savour my taste buds.

I have not included any buffets or legendary street food outlets here and have stuck to some unique ambience and great food combinations.

I am a big-time foodie, and as a reward, I get loads of invites to Food Blogger meets which I really enjoy. So here is my list of 10 restaurants where I would happily spend my time and money on.

1. Prankster Campus

I love Prankster for the amazing ambience it has, the feel of different sections of the college campus makes me nostalgic, and the presentation and variety of food is splendid. It also serves Fresh beer and has a large collection of Liquor.

2. Dum Pukht

One of the finest and oldest Restaurants of Awadhi Heritage in Delhi, the place feels like a royal dining all with amazing silverware and ITC hospitality makes the dining experience a really memorable one, I would definitely recommend you to have Morels(Gucchi Ki Sabzi) and Mutton Biryani Here.

3. Papaya

One of the finest oriental restaurants, they have some amazing food concepts and there is always an element of surprise in their Preparations, I would definitely recommend their prawns.

4. Olive

The most talked-about restaurant in Delhi for romantic date lives up to its name, it has got nice Greek Style Vibe and the food is Fresh and Truly Italian, Pizza is a must-try.

5. Whisky Samba

As the name suggests, the restaurant has got a great collection of Whiskies and also has some finest food prepared by celebrity Chef Vikramjit to pair along with it, definitely save some space for the dessert Chocolate Ganache.

6. Woodbox Cafe

So this is a favourite since college days, they serve amazing shakes and sumptuous appetizers, since its located in College Campus areas, they are quite pocket-friendly and has that cheese oozing food.

7. Drunken Botanist

The restaurant looks like a chemical lab exploded inside a rainforest, great theming and artisan cocktails makes it a must-visit, it also is a brewery and serves fresh beer and some modern Indian Cuisine.

8. Bo Tai

Thai cuisine is not my favourite, but this restaurant made sure that I savour it, got a perfect vibe for a romantic date and I love the presentation of the food here, from the soup bowls to the main dishes, everything is so unique.

9. Noren

The place is close to my house, and I enjoy going here often, it serves fresh beer and multi-cuisines, but their pides (Turkish pizzas) are definitely to be tried.

10.Carnatic Cafe

The only South Indian place on the list, they have got chefs from Karnataka. I enjoy the canteen style casual dining with some authentic South Indian dishes from Gunpowder Dosa to all rice dishes they have.

All the places listed above are little upmarket, a meal for two would cost you around Rs.1000- Rs.2000(15$-20$), so please do not compare them to legendary street food vendors or outlets, I would do a separate blog post on them.

Do let me know your favourite restaurants, the above restaurants are based on my preferences on my dining style and cuisine, I am sure I have a lot more restaurants to try based on your suggestions.

PS. The above list does not have any sponsored content.

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