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Top 10 Hostels I Have Stayed at

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I am a hostel person and I enjoy staying at hostels way more than Hotels or Airbnbs. Hostels allows me to not only stay at cheap prices in centre of the city, but also the way the staff helps me to find hidden gems of the city from food joints to city corners is a big reasons I prefers hostels over hotels.

I am able to navigate the city like back of my hand and I am always inquisitive for a fun conversations with the other travellers. Moreover, if nothing convinces you enough, affordability will definitely win you over.

1. Paraga Beach Hostel, Mykonos, Greece

This hostel is like a resort. It has a beautiful pool, spread over huge area, and is located right on the beach. The staff takes you on pub crawls, and are so damn helpful. I was so overwhelmed to know that a hostels could be so lavish yet affordable, especially when you are on the most expensive island of Greece. They even have tents for mushy couples. I just can’t praise this hostel accommodation enough.

2.Retox Hostel, Budapest, Hungary

Famous as one of the most notorious party hostels in Europe, this place is not for introverts. The moment you enter the hostel, you will see all kind of pornographic painting and artwork on the walls. And in the night the crew organises crazy parties where there would be Jagerbomb trains to some fanaticals (things I would not be able to describe here). It was a complete different hostel experience for me, which I would never be able to forget. Also, this hostel is definitely not for cleanliness freaks.

3.Generator, Paris, France

This was my very first Hostel Experience of Life, and I did not know how big Generator is compared to other hostels. The hostel was brand new, spot clean, had all kinds of facilities from Laundry to kitchen, bike rentals to lockers. Everything was great, and I got accustomed to Hostel culture from this place and started loving the concept of hostels forever.

4.Moustache, Jaipur, India

The hostel is located right in city centre. They have got a lovely rooftop where everyone can chit chat, drink a beer and can even enjoy puppet show every night. The hostel was beautifully decorated with Rajasthani Artifacts and even the furniture has that royal finish, as we see in Palaces and Museums. The staff took great care of us and took us even for food walks around the city.

5.Giligan’s Backpackers, Cairns, Australia

Another extra Large hostel on my list, this one had a huge bar and restaurant where they organised various competitions such as Ladies Jello Wrestling & Gold Fish races. I made lot of friends staying here, and also came to know that people sometimes stay in hostels for 6 months when they are on work-leisure holidays, a trend common while backpacking Australia.

6.Sleep in Heaven, Copenhagen, Denmark

The hostel was located in Norebro (food district) of Copenhagen, and was very contemporary in design. The best part was bike rentals they had, which is quintessential way of exploring Copenhagen according to me. The staff was helpful and I really liked the surrounding of the hostel, it was really green and yet close to all the major attractions.

7.Blanco, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

The hostel is right on the beach, and is one of the really popular choices in Thailand. They have fire shows in night and they do free shots so as to make the party hip and happening. The staff comprises of young backpackers, so they come over to you and have conversations to make you more comfortable. Also, they organise Boat parties and Snorkelling tours around the island.

8. Wombats ,Vienna, Austria

The hostel was in Naschmarket, a popular food market in Vienna, so you had access to some amazing food all the time. Rather every-time I went out and came in, I always was able to grab something New to eat. Other than that, dorms were nice and clean with reading lights and adapter switches. And staff was always willing to help.

9. Funky Monkey, Goa, India

The Hostel is located right behind Anjuna Beach. It has a beautiful garden courtyard where you can chill out and make new friends. The vibe of the hostel is quite relaxed, it has a restaurant right next to it which serves amazing fresh juices. I found it to be the best hostel in Goa, and I have stayed in quite a few.

10. St. Christopher’s Inn, Berlin, Germany

The rooms of these hostel were quite spacious and they had in dorm bathrooms as well. They have a nice restaurant which served amazing curry bratwurst, a must have German Cuisine Dish. Also, they had all the essential amenities of a large hostel, from lockers to laundry area, bike rentals to common kitchen.

I have stayed in around 50 hostels by now, and these were my Top 10 based on location, service, cleanliness and value for money.

Do let me know your favourite hostels you have stayed so far and share your memorable memories down there.

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