Inside the Most Beautiful Church In World – St. Peter’s Basilica

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No Matter where you go, whatever you see, You will never find so much art altogether in One place.

The biggest Church of all St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

The Entry to the Church is Free but there is a queue of 1-2 Hours on a regular basis.

You can not capture the beauty of the church in your Lifetime, the walls, The murals, The statues, The Playhouses within, it’s all extravagant.

I suggest you spend at least 4 hours there and just keep seating at various places insides the church and keep watching the same thing for a while, you will Relieve The Roman History, you must take an Audio Guide or a Live Guide if you can afford one.

Next Door is The Vatican Museums, which is also a must see. More on That Museum Coming in Next Post.

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