Gung Palace – Mini Korea in Delhi

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Gung Means The Palace in Korean, and this restaurant is definitely worthy of being called a Palace, not only you get a true authentic experience of Korean Hospitality, but also this place has loads of Korean Artifacts, its like a mini museum that has pots, crockery, Korean Landscapes. It’s really Beautifully Decorated.

I went there for Lunch and here is my Experience

 1. Personal Cabins with Floor Seating

They have made 8-10 Personal Cabins for Personalized Food experience and they have nice floor seating with A Central Grill in every Table.

2. Main Dish with 7 side dishes

My main dish of Vegetable Rice Korean Style on Stone Pot came with Seven side dishes that included Kim chi Salad, Spinach, Boiled Potatoes, Chilly Chicken, Rice Type Dish, Pancake and Salads. I guess Koreans like Heavy meal. Also Miso Soup is served Complimentary.

3. Karaoke Room

Koreans are huge fan of Karaoke, and that is why they have a special room dedicated to it. Also they have a huge play area for kids.

4. Artifacts and Crockery

As I told you this place is a Mini Korean Museum you find everything here from Crockery to Books to Paintings to Pots. They have really specialized Interiors to promote Korean Culture to next level.

Though Korean Cuisine does not suit much to my Taste buds, dining is Gung was one of the most special Dining Experiences of my life.

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