Best Stage Shows Across The World That are Worth Your Money

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I highly enjoy watching shows. I Love the Grand Stage, those lights, background music and larger than life feel. I have seen more than 50 shows as part of my travels so far and here are my Top 10.

1. “O” by Cirque Du Soleil

Location : Las Vegas

This is an Aquatics Acrobatics Show, with stage Floating in water. The show is spectacular, it has law defying acrobatics with the Tapestry & Fire Inside the water concepts and synchronised Diving and what not. This show will never get out of your memory, no matter how much you travel and what you see.

2.Lion King : The Musical

Location : New York and London

I loved it so much, it is straight out of those Bedtime stories my parents told me as a child. A Jungle Kingdom with Lion the King, and The African Adventure vibe,the tribal songs and hunting weapons. The show is also the most popular musical in the world. Disney is yet to do a better musical than this one, as it has been the highest grossing musical since last 30 years. Never miss a chance to watch this show, no matter what seats you get in theatre.

3. Moulin Rogue

Location : Paris

A Cabaret, with Colorful Dancers tapping on the beats of Can-Can Dance in a Beautifully Designed Theatre which earlier used to be a Mill. This is a topless show, with beautiful women dancing in elegant costumes, and is paired with optional Dinner. The show is Highly seductive and you wont be able to take your eyes off the French girls.

4. Robot Cabaret Show

Location : Tokyo

The name says it all, Robots doing cabaret, sci-fi has gone to new levels of seduction, the show is an evening highlight of a dinner restaurant in Shinjuku district of Tokyo, and is full of flashing lights, taiko drums and techno music with Giant Panda and Glitzy girls dancing along Robots.

5. Impressions of Hoi An

Location : Hoi An, Vietnam

This is biggest production I have seen in terms of stage size & number of performers. The show is about the Town of Hoi an in Vietnam, the history of how it turned from a farmer’s town to most popular trading port of its time in South East Asia.

6. The Beatles LOVE

Location : Las Vegas

Based on The Beatles songs, the show will blow you out with the amazing sets and beautifully designed acrobatics performances, so you are gonna get Beatles Medley full of twists, jumps and flips. Even if you are not a Beatles Fan, give this show a chance, you will definitely not regret watching it.

7. Siam Niramit

Location : BangkokThailand

It used to be the Largest stage in the world for a long time, the show portrays traditional Thai culture with amazing effects and stunts. It is a Huge Production with over 100 artists, the show is little slow paced as it takes you through Thai Heritage and History through various acts.

8. “Ka” by Cirque Du Soleil

Location : Las Vegas

We saw this show in vegas in the best seats, and it was well worth. It has 360 Degree Rotating Vertical Stage, this show is based on theme of Warfare and Rescue Adventure, with magnificent acts of Huge Storm, Wheel of Death and Trapeze. The show combines Martial Art with Puppetry and has beautiful Landscape Designed Sets.

9. Zangoora

Location : GurgaonIndia

Finally, we have a Bollywood styled Musical at one of the best stages in India, the effects and the sets are at par with any New York Broadway or London West End musical.

10. Angkor Dynasty Show

This is a musical and acrobatics Performance showcasing the Heritage of Angkorwat Temple and different phases in the history of Cambodia. The acts were mind-blowing and the show would create a lasting impression on your memory.

Enjoy your shows, and do tell me how many of them have you seen or the ones that are on your bucket list.

P.S. The above images are taken from Google as you are not allowed to take Photos and Videos of the show.

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