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10 Cities You Must Visit In India in your 20s

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A Place that does not fit in typical Indian Surroundings at all, a place that is one of the biggest party towns in world (#3 ranked in world currently) and on the other side one of the most serene and calm places in India.

North Goa for Partyholics full of Watersports and Clubs

South Goa for Peace Lovers.

2. Gulmarg, Kashmir

A snow paradise that is the most beautiful place I have ever visited, blessed with the variety of winter sports, finest white powder skiing and Kashmiri food is just awesome. Kashmiri Girls are the most beautiful girls and have cheeks that are much more brighter red than apples.

3. Udaipur, Rajasthan

A place full of fortresses and temples larger than life. Peaceful Ghats, best sunset from Monsoon Palace, Chittorgarh Fort, Traditional folk dance shows and Maharana Pratap History awaits you here.

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